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Beach Shower

Surf-n-Turf Shower

Casual Caribbean theme bridal shower with colors from the ocean sounds very relaxing and inviting.  Guests don’t have to dress up.  Come in comfortable outdoor wear.  You could actually have this theme on a back porch screened-in or not.

Guests could put flip-flops on for getting into the theme atmosphere.  After the party, the flip-flops could be party favors.  Also, sea shells made out of white chocolate make great party favors.

A running-water fountain outside trickling by your table would set the mood.

If you have a swimming pool, you could place floats with candle lights in the water.  Find a floating swan for your pool.  Dress up your pool area with borrowed potted plants and flowers for color.


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…………………..From cobalt to caribbean blue, create a wave of color with strips of textured fabric. Simply string them together along a twine line and hang……….


…………Even if you’re serving a surf and turf lunch or a raw oyster bar, set out finger foods that capture the true spirit of the sea. Be creative with the sand castle-inspired display. Besides, sugar cones, doughnuts, and pizelles make for delicious appetizers or desserts…………………..

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