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Bohemian Bridal Shower

Bohemian Bridal Shower

Hosting an informal and unconventional Bohemian Bridal Shower has become a new setting for wedding also.  Whimsical and free-spirited.  Reminds me of the 70s.

Guests and bride-to-be worn light, flowing dresses.  Hairstyles were elegantly braided and later worn floral crowns.  Notice how beautiful the outdoors coordinates with the theme colors.

Purple Blanket Accent

This was a great time for an outdoor theme.  The weather was warm and breezy.  The charming table was surrounded by lilac and yellow wildflowers.

Simple Informal Table

Simple invitation reflect the colors of the outdoor setting.

Whimsical Invitation

Pastel colors, cream orange, purple, pink-rose, and white accent the table.

Beautiful Outdoor Flowers

Tree stump used as a table for the dessert, tiered-platter.  Cupcakes and cake decorated with edible flowers.

Tree Stump Table

Watch The Free-Spirited Video Below For More Ideas!

Special Thanks To The Best of Times Films For Video & Image Screenshots.