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Carnival Shower

Cute Pink Idea

Carnival?  What a unique idea.  What I like is the menu.  You can’t beat hot dogs, french fries, hamburgers, and popcorn.  To top it off with cotton candy and Coca Cola…..Yum!

All your friends and family will remember your bridal shower.  You can dress up your carnival shower with pinks and golds to give it an elegant fare.  It doesn’t have to be a side show.

The carnival golden-colored Ferris wheel with fun facts about the bride is beautifully arranged with flowers.  Would make a gorgeous centerpiece for any occasion.


Read Through This And Tell Us What You Think

……..What a unique way to celebrate a bride-to-be! From ferris wheel to cotton candy, the details really give off the vibe of a summer fair!  Meanwhile, the color palette maintains a look of feminine grace, with light purples and pinks (no bright neon lights at this carnival!)…………posted by

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