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Easy Bridal Shower Brunch

Easy Bridal Shower Brunch

Planning and organizing a bridal shower brunch can be overwhelming especially if you don’t know where to start or have much time.  The simple way would be to cater the brunch at a restaurant or at a caters; however, it’s just not affordable for most.

What’s a hostess to do?

Finger foods such as macaroons in all different flavors and colors will jazz up the table.


Make ahead cut-up veggies with homemade dip.  Ranch seasoning with sour cream & mayonaise works well.  (Instructions on Ranch dressing seasonings packet)

Yogurt parfaits made in individual shot glasses or just find some simple-lined glasses and spoon in the yogurt…top with your favorite toppings such as granola or fruit.  (use Regular, no Greek yogurt for easier pouring & cleaning)

Serve miniature quiches or bake a quiche in one container for simplicity.

A fruit platter served with a variety of delicious fruit and paired with marshmallow creme & creme cheese dip will be a Easy Bridal Shower Brunch menu item.

Muffins work really well.  You can put anything in a muffin such as blueberries, banana nut, or sausage.  You can definitely make them ahead.

Don’t feel like you have to stay at the beverage table.  Set the table up where guests can help themselves.  Pitcher of alcoholic or non-alcohol beverage with drinking glasses available where guests can grab a drink.

Other beverage table ideas:

  • A 12-cup coffee percolator with a dairy and non-dairy milk

  • An electric kettle and a variety of tea

  • Lavender lemonade (non-alcoholic) in a beverage dispenser

  • Prosecco with orange juice or grapefruit juice…..posted by ApartmentTherapy.

If planning to serve a bridal shower main dessert, outsource the cake or cupcakes……. Don’t feel like you have to DIY the whole shebang (unless dessert is really your thing—and even still, consider taking a day off)……posted by ApartmentTherapy.

Add something simple to your bridal shower brunch by letting your guests know what’s on the menu with an easy menu board.  Use some beautiful stationary and hand write the menu for a touch of thoughtfulness.

(Image credits: Brian Samuels Photography; Brian Samuels Photography)/

Special Thanks To ApartmentTherapy For Posting & Image Screenshots.