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English Tea Party Bridal Shower Theme

First Bacolod Bridal Shower

Sitti Navarro is marrying her finance, Joey who was raised in Bacolod.  Bacolod is located in the Philippines, the capital of the province of Negros Occidental.  Sitti flew out to Bacolod & unbeknowing to her….they threw her first bridal shower with an English Tea Party theme.

The bridal shower was held at a gorgeous house with a beautiful, romantic garden.  As you can see below, she was greeted with a welcome sign at the door announcing her bridal shower.  Future mom-in-law & future sister-in-law greeted her with a kiss.

Each had fussed over the beautiful bridal shower spread & decorated tables in the garden.  Sitti was deeply touched by their efforts & generosity…..and how much effort they had all put into arranging this first Bacolod bridal shower.




Oh so fine styling by Tita Janina and Cailah’s Fine Things.


Those uber cute his and hers bikes will have a place at our wedding, too.


Yummy cupcakes by Quino’s Cakes!


…………… hat matched it flawlessly, too. Wearing that dress, and seeing all the effort Joey’s family put into throwing a splendid shower for me, I began to feel like it’s truly happening – I am a bride-to-be…..posted by Sitti Navarro.


Best advice from that evening: Maximum Tolerance! Hahaha!

To all my fellow brides-to-be, enjoy and savour your bridal showers! Surround yourselves with women of faith and marital experience, and those who know your would-be husbands the best, too.  Take pictures, laugh openly, listen intently. They weren’t kidding when they said that these things fly by so fast…………….

……………….Thank you again to Mommy Jing and to the Ramirez and Remitio families, Ninang Rina for opening the doors of your lovely home to us, Tita Janina and Cailah’s Fine Things for that fine, fine styling, and to Quino’s Cakes for our Let Them Eat Cake favors. And to all the lovely women who attended and gave me sweet, naughty gifts. I promise not to think about you all on our honeymoon. Hahaha :p…………………..posted Sitti Navarro.

Special Thanks To Sitti – BossAGirl For The Gorgeous Bridal Shower Photos & Posting.  Image Screenshots From Posting.