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Fancy Candelabra Outdoor Shower

Fancy Candelabra Outdoor Shower

Paulina a friend of Laura Neuzeth Vlogs was hosted a Fancy Chandelabra Outdoor Shower for her engagement.  Several tables were decorated with different themes.  Some of the main tables had a fancy candelabras.

A pink table was decorated with the wording “DREAM”.  Beautiful pink shades of fingernail polish.  Donut tree holding delicious white-pink frosted donuts.


Table below has a Chanel theme decorated in black and white.  Notice the fancy cookies in the video.

Fancy Chandelier Shower

Another table is decorated with a stand of apples, platter of cakes, & beer.  “P” and “O” stand for the names of the bride and groom.  Looks like the groom to be table with golf balls & pretzels.

Fancy Chandelier Shower

The majority of the bridal shower activities are outside; however, the main food is inside.  Check out the appetizer table full of all kinds of deliciousness.

Fancy Outdoor Chandelier Shower

The dinner menu included a green salad with bread, meat lasagna for the entree, and a side of steamed vegetables.

Mexican folk music (called Mariachi) was provided by string instruments, horns, and musicians dressed in blue.  Of course the groom was there to dance with his bride to be.

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Watch The Video For Some Decorating Ideas

Special Thanks To Laura Neuzeth Vlogs For Video Posting & Image Screenshots.