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Five Spa-Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

Five Spa-Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

Let’s face it.  Not everyone can afford to treat all their bridal shower guests to a manicurist or a massage therapist.  It’s a great idea if you have the budget to make these luxurious treatments.  However, not everyone has the budget.  So why not host a party where you can get together with all your girlfriends and pamper one another.  Share tips and techniques for do-it-yourself pampering.  Just skip that expensive trip to the spa if you have a small party.  Here are Five Spa-Themed Bridal Shower Ideas to get a fabulous pampering party on the way.

You can decide what type of spa you want.  Whether it be a manicure, pedicure, facial, or an aromatherapy.


#1 – Pampering Foot Scrub

Instead of getting different buckets for everyone, how about gathering around the bath tub and using Pure Body Naturals Tea Tree Oil Body and Foot Scrub.  Everyone just puts their feet in the tub together while wearing their beautiful robes.  Hey!  Why not scrub each others feet for some fun and laughter.  Just pat your feet.  No moisturizer needed.  All your girlfriends will love how their feet feel.  While you are pampering each other, bring your fresh fruit drinks.



#2 – Soft Flip Flops

Although these look more suited for the beach which is a great idea.  Everybody wants to relax at the beach.  These Yellow Box Women’s Jello Sandals come in several different colors (black, navy, white, purple, red, mango, and others).  You will get tons of compliments on these gifts.  Your guests can wear them after using a foot scrub to refresh their feet.

#3 – Mood Setting Tea Lights

Not only are these Stunning Flameless LED Tea Light Candles great as gifts for your guests to cherish, they provide a warm ambiance without having to worry about blowing the candles out.  You and your girlfriends will fall in love with these cute tea lights.  They are perfect for weddings, table-top decorations, and can be used outdoors.  They make the perfect bridesmaids gift.

Stunning Flameless LED Tea Light Candles

#4 – Lush Spa Fizzies

What’s really nice about a set of all natural bath huge 8 Ultra Lush Bath Booms is that make a great gift for women and bridal showers.  Nothing is better than smelling lavender, vanilla, cotton candy, tangerine,  or spearmint to name a few in this set.  Just add them to water and watch them fize.

The scents help with relaxing and add fun.  Guests could soak their feet in these fizzies while enjoying a delicious finger-food snack.


     #5 – Comfortable Kimono Robes

How about surprising your guests with a silky short Kimono robe as bridesmaid’s gifts?  Everyone could dress up in their gorgeous, comfortable robe to enjoy the party.  Later on, the girls can use them at home in the morning while enjoying a cup of coffee.  These robes are great for lounging and also when you are preparing to get ready to dress.

Nine Spa-Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

Photo Credit: Intimate Weddings

Since you are having a Spa-Themed Bridal Shower, you will want to provide delicious food such as finger sandwiches, fruit salads, cheese and crackers, and veggies with dip.  Serve fruit juices or fruit punch with floating fruit or flowers.  Have bottled water on hand.  You could have a range of wines to serve depending on your guest’s preferences.

Turn on some calming music to set the mood with lounging chairs and comfortable pillows.  Decorate with a few fresh flowers and some candles/scents.  Set-up a spa station where each guest can create their own bath soaps or provide a selection to chose from.  Be sure to send your girlfriends home with a bag full of goodies such as creams, oils, manicure accessories, masks, or candles.  Or a tube of lipstick, bottle of nail polish, and some bubble bath.

Don’t forget to let your guests know what to expect so they can dress casually.  On your invitation could say “It’s a day to get pampered and be spoiled!”

Special Thanks To Intimate Wedding For Image Screenshot.