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Sleepover Bridal Shower Party

Sleepover Bridal Shower Party

A sleepover bridal shower party is the current trend.  I  loved sleepovers when I was a child.  I remember a couple nights before my wedding.  My friends and I got together and made rice bags, rolled thank-you scrolls wrapped in ribbon, and made appetizers for the bride’s and groom’s table.  We had so much fun!

Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you wouldn’t enjoy a slumber party with your closest friends.  It’s much better than only spending a few hours together versus spending over night together.  Great way to enjoy fun, food, and fellowship.  Imagine all the possibilities available.  You could have pillow fights, watch movies, eat popcorn and candy.  Play dress- up with makeup and hairstyles.  Or what’s to keep the whole group from going out on the town and then coming back for more fun.

Consider it a girl’s night out.  You’re just spending the whole night out together.  If you don’t want to have it at your house, rent a hotel suite with several beds.  Have every guest bring their pillow.  Let’s face it….. we’re gonna gossip or have some pillow talk.

Be creative.  Bring balloons, flowers, and streamers to party up the place.  Have every guest bring their own special drink.  Make some cute adorable favors.  You could spruce it up by serving champagne instead.

Guess what?  Us older women like to get together with the girls also.  So don’t leave your mother-in-law to be out.  It’s a way to maybe have a sleep over at your mother-in-laws.  Ulterior motive might be because you want to spend more time together without the menfolk.  Maybe because we girls want to drink without having to worry about driving home.

What’s wrong with enjoying a great dinner and morning breakfast instead of serving party food and appetizers.  Your new family members will appreciate you even more by spending time with them before you big wedding day.

Sleepover Bridal Shower Party

Photo Credit: Kim James Photorgraphy

Some sleepover ideas are dressy candles, selfies, champagne drinks, candies, and lights.  Serve cookies and a silver cake.  Something simple but cute.

Girlfriends can dress up in silk robes or nightgowns.  Plan a beauty session with hairdos, manicures & nail polish, and make-up tips.


Photo Credit: Kim James Photorgraphy

After opening wedding gifts, everybody can go to the beautifully, decorated food and appetizer table.  Simple white linens and greenery add a touch of class.  Beautiful flower arrangements bring out splashes of red color or your bride’s wedding colors.


Photo Credit: Kim James Photorgraphy

Finally, after all your girlfriends enjoy the desserts and drinks, present a piece of jewelry to wear on your wedding day if they are your bridesmaids.  Sleepover bridal shower parties are a great way to bring best friends or new family members together.

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