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Terrace Shower

Great Outdoor Terrace Shower

Not everybody lives in a home with a backyard.  Thousands of bridesmaids live in large cities such as New York or Washington, DC.  Most homes are located in a tall building with a terrace for outdoor entertainment.

In the larger cities, it is customary to wine and dine at these special occasions.  Similar to a brunch in New Orleans for example.  Instead of serving donuts to ask your bridesmaids…..why not use beignets made in the French Quarter.

I love this idea for spring, summer, or fall.  Can’t beat sunshine, balloons, drinks, and delicious pastries.

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……………Our “bridal ask”; the bridesmaids lifted their doughnuts to reveal “will you be my bridesmaid”! We love the idea of asking your closest girlfriends to be a part of your day with a sweet treat — and who doesn’t love doughnuts?! Instead of traditional flavors, the ladies snacked on Nutella and Carrot Cake doughnuts from Astro Doughnuts.

As a favor to each bridesmaid, all the ladies left with customized stemless champagne flutes – we love the classic look of each guests name handwritten on the glasses. We had so much fun laughing and styling with Megan Chase Photography (it is so great to have friends who make such beautiful models!)…………..posted by

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